The cops always tell you if you aren’t doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about. 

Then why are they so worried about being filmed?



LAPD Cops Investigated for Forcing Women to Have Sex

Well, this is charming:

Two Los Angeles Police Department officers are under investigation for allegedly preying on women over a period of five years, luring them into an unmarked car and forcing them to perform sex acts, according to court records.

Detectives from the LAPD’s internal affairs unit suspect that Officers Luis Valenzuela and James Nichols targeted at least four women whom they had arrested previously or who worked for them as informants, according to a search warrant reviewed by The Times.

The pair repeatedly used the threat of jail to get women into their car and drove them to secluded areas where one of the officers demanded sex while the other kept watch, the warrant alleges.

Valenzuela and Nichols worked together until recently as narcotics officers in the Hollywood Division. Investigators have identified four women who encountered the pair and made similar independent accusations against them.

I’m fairly certain “to protect and serve” doesn’t mean what these two assholes think it means.

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Disgusting. Cops do this shit to sex workers all the time and probably there are situations like this all over. Cops need to burn.

Also at no point in this article is the word RAPE ever mentioned.

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they are here to protect us

This is such fucking bullshit. I hate everything.

Do you want a person capable of shooting kittens to protect you? Didn’t think so.

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The judge told the victim, “If you wouldn’t have been there that night, none of this would have happened to you.” Because apparently, if women go to concerts, they should expect to be sexually assaulted.

What the fuck? So now, in Arizona women cannot leave their homes and have the right to safety? Because that is the slippery slope this fucker is on.

It is not up to us to prevent our rapes. It is up to rapists to stop. It is up to law enforcement to not rape, it is up to them to prosecute rape and it is up to the judges to uphold the motherfucking law.

Fuck you, Arizona, Fuck you sideways.

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