Baking biscotti

yep, getting on that right … NOW… maybe.

What sort? How much? Anything else?

Food for thought

Just volunteered to do all the baking for the family reunion. That way I can make sure I get to eat all that fabulous carb-filled garbage. I can’t bring myself to trust that the person who blatantly mocked my diet choices will respect them, and given her past interactions with me, I can’t trust that she would tell me what was in the food she was feeding me.

Vegan rant ahead. I am vegan. I really do not care what anyone else eats. I don’t. I would love for people to read up on where their food comes from, the costs (total not just dollars) of their food. I take the time to read things that speak against my food choices, I would like people to do the same. But the only time I dictate what others eat is if i am doing the cooking.

So when I visit people, I do my own cooking, or what ever, so that others don’t feel like I am “that vegan”. Trust me, my baking makes people jump for joy and my husbands cooking has won over the most critical. We will feed you excellent food.

Because of that, because I am never in someones face about what I eat, I resent deeply when people try to trick me into eating animal products. What baffles me is how often it happens. I am not talking about a mistake, because that happens to all of us. I can’t tell you how many times I have purchased something only to, upon rereading the ingredients, that there was something in there on my no list. I am talking about blatant “I know this has chicken and I am actually being deceitful” . It happens. Why? A co-worker loves to try to sneak me eggs and milk and chicken because “It doesn’t matter”. Sure,to her it doesn’t and that is fine. But to me the lies are worse.

It is such a level of disrespect. And I find it particularly offensive because I don’t treat people that way.