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Mar 19 2013


When ever I see MRAs talking about male victims of rape, sexual assault or domestic violence, it’s like they are treating them as some form of capital.

It’s like they have a credit card all loaded up with stories of men who were raped or men who were victims of spousal abuse that they swipe when they see women talking about these subjects.

It is completely reactionary and does nothing to help the men that these things have happened to.

So I know this guy… he was both an MRA and a victim of past domestic violence. He was furious that the local DV place did not take him in and HOUSE him at their location. Now, understand these place house terrified women and it makes sense they don’t allow men.
I asked if he had ever thought of getting together with other male victims and starting their own housing situation. To which he replied “No, I deserve to go where I want.”

This is what they don’t understand. There are times when there needs to be safe places for victims. Create safe places for male victims. It is okay. Work with other groups to find out how to do that without being douches.

Too bad they aren’t actually helping.

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    Credit where it’s due; I got that line from sosungalittleclodofclay.
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    "If your conversation about rape can be "derailed" by talking about rape, you weren’t talking about rape." Also,...
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    This is a great breakdown of silencing tactics. I wanted to add that rape against men is often still because they are...
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    MRAs: “You feminists don’t care about male victims of rape!” Male victim of rape: Actually, feminists have been the only...
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    Didn’t even notice xpolkovni was a girl. One would think Glittertitties would bother to check before assuming that this...
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    >It’s like they have a credit card all loaded up with stories of men who were raped or men who were victims of spousal...
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